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Advisory Board

Bhavin Patel

Managing Partner

Badal Patel


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Nilesh Patel - Partner

Chief Revenue Officer

As co-founder and partner at Elevat3, LLC, Nilesh leads the company’s revenue management consulting services from an upbeat, constructive, and always results-driven, point of view. With over 16 years of extremely successful revenue management in his pocket, and having been raised in a hospitality family, Nilesh builds trust easily, and influence quickly, with everyone he meets. Along with his natural ability to inspire dedication and hard work, he brings an easy, charismatic manner, which allows his team to apply their talents for the benefit of our clients. Not one for pretense, Nilesh lets the revenue and profitability growth he generates speak for itself. His passion for service, value, and excellence blend with his genuine care to drive one of hospitality’s most dynamic and effective consulting groups. His commitment of results and ultimate accountability has led to his company’s rapid growth and continued success even in today’s challenging and ever-changing market conditions. Nilesh has worked with every tier of property, including budget, midscale, convention, resort, and luxury. He has proven results in over 27 states and is able to adapt to all markets seamlessly and successfully.


In his spare time when he isn’t occupying himself with sharpening his game theory you can find Nilesh spending time to those closest to him. He has a passion for sports and an exciting plan forward to explore the world.


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